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"Unspoken" a New Fantasy Novel by Desiree Remick

Desiree Remick, author, friend, and member of the Chanticleer Inn B&B staff has finished her novel "Unspoken"! We all are as thrilled by her achievement as we are of the novel itself. It is a wonderfully creative, profound story.

Desiree Remick's Head shot

Ms Remick is now starting the process to get the work published. If you have words of wisdom or a means to help her, please contact me.

Now in her own words a description of "Unspoken"

I invite you to enter Karnwyr, a medieval land on the brink of ruin, where omnipotent Mage-gods rule with tyranny over the common folk, and mythical creatures have been driven nearly to extinction. In my 120,000-word fantasy novel, “Unspoken”, you will meet Voiceless, a young mute slave who serves a master wizard. Her story begins when she steals the card that contains the key to his magic and runs away, determined to be free. But society does not look kindly on those who cannot speak; to survive, she happens upon and gains the protection of Gilly, a traveling bard with more secrets than songs, and Maeve, a powerful, yet bitter woman hunting the beast that killed her son.

Together, the three companions face a long and dangerous road, with the vengeful Mage-god pursuing them every step of the way. In the course of their journey, they will escape an enchanted village, play cards against a bandit chief with their lives at stake, and encounter a trading outpost run by some unusually friendly goblins. And as Voiceless learns how to communicate without words, she discovers her inner strength and that there is much more to her than she ever imagined.

“Unspoken” wears the clothing of the fantasy genre, but beneath that lies the story of a girl’s search for her identity in a world that wants nothing to do with her. It’s a tale of isolation, prejudice, and the power of forgiveness. It emphasizes the triumph of literacy and knowledge over ignorance and hate. I believe that young readers will relate to the character of Voiceless and her struggles, while older ones will enjoy the rich world and social commentary. A sequel is currently under progress – Voiceless is not yet finished telling her story.


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