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Hobart Bluff Hiking in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

Hobart Bluff offers wonderful views of the Bear Creek and Rogue Valleys, flanked by the Siskiyou and Western Cascade Mountain Ranges. The trail to the Bluff runs through several habitats, characteristic of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.

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Winter Sports on Mt. Ashland in February

Snowshoeing and Cross country Skiing on Mt Ashland

If it’s a sunny day in the winter then it is a perfect day for frolicking in the snow on Mt Ashland. Locals and visitors alike flock to the mountain for downhill/Nordic skiing, boarding, and snowshoeing, taking in the sunshine and the views of the Siskiyou and Cascades.

The best kept secret in southern Oregon, if it’s not raining, we have sunshine! Now that might seem like a dumb thing to say, especially if you’re from California. But in places further north starting, say around Eugene, no rain can still mean a gray sunless dreary day — for what seems like months on end! But not here in the Southern Oregon, Rogue Valley!

Gotta love Our Chanticleer Inn Guests!

While taking a reservation, I glibly asked a guest for a limerick about her little dachshunds, and here’s what I got:

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Lake of the Woods, Escape the Heat in the Valleys!

Lake of the Woods, An Ideal Summer Day Trip

Lake of the Woods

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Local Hiking Trails In and Around Ashland

Hald Strawberry and Ashland Watershed: local hiking trails that are close to the Chanticleer and are both people and dog-friendly

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