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Chanticleer Inn’s coffee of choice is Good Bean “Dark Mountain”, a richly-roasted blend of five coffees. The blend is darkly roasted without going too far for mocha undertones and a big flavor profile.

During the high season, Good Bean Coffee locally roasts and delivers to the inn every week, thus guaranteeing the freshest coffee service each morning.

Brewing It Right

Sourcing excellent coffee is as important as employing the correct brewing process. Good Bean has been in business for more than 20 years and supplies many B&Bs — innkeepers know their coffee. At the Chanticleer Inn, we follow these steps to ensure consistently brewed coffee:
  • Only use freshly roasted organic beans — no older than 2 weeks.
  • Store in air-tight containers at room temperature, away from sunlight
  • Grind the beans with a burr grinder, just and only moments before brewing
  • Measure with a scale to ensure consistent and accurate ratio of coffee grinds to water
  • Brew with a French Press and timer for optimal extraction of oils
  • Immediately transfer the coffee to insulated air-tight carafes

Where to Go for a Great Cup of Coffee

Good Bean coffee is Jacksonville-centric, with no cafe in Ashland. If you’re visiting Jacksonville it’s worth stopping by their cafe at 165 South Oregon St. Jacksonville.
When walking about Ashland, for an equally great cup of coffee (outside the B&B that is), you might want to re-tank at Noble Coffee.
The Noble Coffeehouse & Roasting is located in Ashland’s Historic Railroad District on 4th St. between C and B Streets. Here you may observe how they roast, package, and brew their coffees. The coffeehouse is a friendly down-to-earth venue with tables, free WIFI, and freshly-baked pastries to accompany Ashland’s best cup of jo.

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