Cookbook II

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  • 100 Recipes (some are not just for breakfast)
  • Menu Planning
  • 2 Indices
  • Special Attention to Dietary Needs
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Recipes Are Like Pearls…

This book is for all my guests and friends who wish to replicate a typical Ashland bed and breakfast repast as served at the Chanticleer Inn. “Recipes Are Like Pearls … lovely, but not useful until strung together” by Ellen Campbell

About the Cookbook

How many times have you found an intriguing potentially delicious recipe? You ponder its possibilities. You imagine how it will taste; then the inevitable question pops up: So what do I serve with it? Absent any suggestions, too many times that recipe is never prepared; it remains on the page, just a possibility. Any significant culinary experience involves more than one recipe – usually 3 to 4 working in concert. Thus the title of the Chanticleer Inn cookbook, “Recipes Are Like Pearls…lovely, but not useful until strung together.”

Another feature of this cookbook is a separate index for special dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten- or lactose-free. No more flipping through an entire cookbook, repetitively reading lists of ingredients to find a recipe that might suit a particular allergy or sensitivity.

More than a mere compilation of recipes, this book is specifically designed and laid out to assist cooks to prepare a complete breakfast feast as served at the Chanticleer Inn, an Ashland Bed and Breakfast.

To Order a Chanticleer Inn Cookbook
The books sell for $20 each. To order a book, please call or email me. I’ll need your contact information (name, address, phone number, and shipping address, if different from your address). Shipping is $4.00 for 1 book; and $4.50 for two or three books.

Order yours today!

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What guests say…

  • "Ellen has gifted us with inspired recipes that blend colorful fresh food and spices with a gracious love of sharing her art with us."

    Harry & Nancy Brown Cook
  • “Ellen Campbell not only cooks, she concocts — and now we can too! She goes the extra mile to develop “special needs” recipes that even regular (e.g., gluten-tolerant) folks will savor.”

    Leanne Ulvang
  • "Staying at the Chanticleer is always a treat. We wait with bated breath to just “see” the dishes placed before us and then to dig in. Now another cookbook to recreate the atmosphere is wonderful…but definitely NOT as good as having Ellen at home cooking it for us."

    Laurel & Jerry Przybylski,
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